Website Maintenance & Support

You’re a business owner or manager, not a techie. We’ll focus on your website upkeep, so you can focus on business.

Websites are NOT “set it and forget it”.  Like a car, website need maintenance.  Software and security updates must be performed to ensure your site is working its hardest for you, hackers are kept at bay and your business information is available to customers when it’s needed.

Full-Service plans start at $199/month

We maintain site structure, security & functionality.  Regular backups and periodic updates ensure maximum up time.  PLUS this plan includes monthly content support*, so if you want to blog or if you have regular content changes and updates, and simply don’t have time or desire to do them yourself, then this is the option for you!

*plan includes 2 hours monthly content additions or changes (you provide the content).  Need more? Let’s talk. We can create a custom plan to meet your specific needs.

Tech-Only plans start at $99/month

This monthly plan covers technical updates and platform maintenance, so your site is stable and secure. Content additions, updates, edits and blog posts are all up to you!