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  • Please complete as thoroughly as possible. Not all fields are required, but the more information you can provide, the better we'll be able to assess your needs and develop your Marketing Plan.

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  • Complete this phrase: I provide _____________ to ______________ for ______________. Example: I provide NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS to MOMS OF YOUNG CHILDREN to INCREASE ENERGY, SUPPORT WEIGHT LOSS & IMPROVE OVERALL WELL-BEING.


  • From your customer's perspective, list competitors that offer the same product/solution that you do.

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  • Having an established budget helps you create realistic marketing strategies with a focus on available resources. Marketing budgets are often a percentage of past sales, which makes them performance-based and scalable as sales grow.


  • It's important for marketing goals to be realistic, measurable and time-based. For each goal, provide a means of measurement and time-frame to completion of no more than 1 year. List as many goals as you've established.

    These should be high-level, results-focused goals. Goals of specific marketing tactics (like increasing the number of facebook fans) will be established later and on a campaign by campaign basis.

    Haven't established goals yet? That's ok. These fields are not required and your consultant can help you determine your goals.


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